What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck In The Snow

Getting stuck in the middle of a snow can be irritating  during the cold winter months. But taking preventive measures can save you from big losses. Here are a few tips and tricks that can get your car free in no time, even if you don’t have one of the best vehicles for winter driving.

Follow these tips to get a car unstuck in snow

Before You Turn Your Vehicle On,

Turn off traction control.

To stay safe from the snow, both drive wheels need to have traction. Both the front tires on a front-wheel-drive and the rear tires on rear-wheel drive, AWD and 4WD vehicles. Don’t forget to turn off the car’s traction control system. 

Clear a path around the tires.

Start digging the snow out from the front, back, and underneath. Just make a path clear and long enough for wheels to move smoothly forward and backward. Remove the snow around the tires and dig out under the front of your car.

Don’t try to remove the snow by hand. Instead use a screwdriver, ice scraper, or any other powerful tool to break the ice around the tires. 

Dig out the tailpipe before you start the engine. If the exhaust pipe is blocked, carbon monoxide builds up inside a vehicle and leads to serious damage.

Forward and backward technique

Start your car, and low down your window to see the road. Just look out the window to check the condition of the front tire. By straightening the wheel you’ll get the best traction. Put your vehicle in the lowest gear. Try to move forward slowly, then back up. Stop the car and apply a little gas. This will allow the car to come up and give enough traction.

Braking Technique

Suppose if your car doesn’t move then try braking and applying a little gas. This will decrease spinning and give power to the wheel, repeat this for a while and try to push your car up. But don’t try this continuously as it may overheat your brakes which can compromise braking until they’ve cooled down.

Use Snow Chains

If you’re still stuck and you have snow chains, then it’s time to chain up. 

The Rocking Technique

If you don’t have chains, but your car moves forward and stops then try rocking back and forth between forward and reverse gears. Give a little gas as the vehicle starts to move front. Try it only a few times or it can lead to expensive damage.

If rocking doesn’t work, the next best option is to add traction. 

Use sand, salt, or kitty litter under your tire.

Another way to get traction is to lay cardboard, plywood, vehicle’s floor mats down in front of the drive tires.

It’s strictly not allowed to use antifreeze for melting snow and ice. It can be harmful to children,pets, and wild animals. It can go down deep through storm drains to waterways where it can be poisonous to marine animals.

If you can go forward then don’t stop. Drive slowly and park the car where there’s less snow and be safe. If you’re in reverse, then keep moving back for a few yards. The snow will stop you. Next, put it in low gear and gently accelerate forward in the tracks, just fast enough to break through where you were stuck.